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Home to treasure chest of natural and cultural riches, Brazil has all the scenic and cultural diversity you would expect from so vast a country.


A truly mesmerizing destination, offering visitors everything from sparkling powdery white-sand beaches, idyllic tropical islands and colourful coral reefs, dense jungles and rain forests with abundant wildlife to craggy mountain peaks, red-rock canyons, winding rivers, and scenic landscapes of thundering waterfalls.


Brazilians are a passionate people who have a love for life, and this is reflected in the highly developed beach culture, their terrific hip-shaking music and samba dancing as well as the rich regional cuisines and famous celebrations such as the vibrant Carnaval which takes the country by storm each year. Unable to contain their passion for merriment to only a few weeks of the year, there is also a lively year-round nightlife that you’ll find throughout the country from any decent-sized colonial town to the captivating, rhythm-filled metropolises, this all forming part of the great Brazilian experience.

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