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It is hard to appreciate the sheer enormity of Canada, the world’s second-biggest country spread across six times zones, and offering an endless variety of scenic landscapes. Home to a wonderful assortment of natural beauty, from the majestic peaks of the towering Rocky mountains, glinting fields of glaciers, temperate rainforests and remote beaches along craggy coastlines to the rippling windswept prairies, lush orchards and glittering lakes and spectacular fjords.


Rich cultural and historical treasures are to be found in the enchanting, trendy and cosmopolitan cities with a superb range of sightseeing activities that are sure to delight visitors.


The Canadian great outdoors is one of its biggest enticements as a travel destination. The diverse wilderness landscapes are positively magnetic for nature lovers with the allure of wild animals from polar and grizzly bears to moose found in deciduous forests and huge whales off both the Pacific and Atlantic coastlines. Sports enthusiasts also have a range of opportunities with everything from dog sledding, skiing and snowmobiling to hiking, canoeing and fishing.

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