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United States of America

Although the world famous bustling metropolises attract the most tourists, it isn’t only cities and sidewalks in the United States. America is a land of stunningly diverse and exceptional scenic landscapes, coupled with big open skies, rewarding visitors with everything from the snow-covered mountain peaks, tropical beaches, lush rainforests, red-rock deserts and canyons to remote prairies, rolling plains and awe-inspiring waterfalls.


Home to Lady Liberty, the Golden Gate Bridge, the White House, the Las Vegas Neon sign and many other global icons, American cosmopolitan cities are not only fascinating to explore, but offer world-class culture, cuisine and entertainment, with excellent museums, shopping, nightlife and an unrivalled music scene.


This land of opportunity certainly offers some amazing options for an exceptional holiday, whether it be to run around like a kid again in any number of the wonderful theme parks, perhaps skiing in the Rockies, lazing on a sunny beach, or ascending to the top of the Empire State Building to take a glimpse of the amazing New York City, visitors are sure to be delighted by the endless possibilities available.

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