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China has become the most-visited Asian country and welcomes approximately 56 million tourists each year. From ancient treasures and a captivating heritage to modern wonders and bustling metropolises and filled with natural beauty, mouth-watering gastronomic delights, and over 5000 years of culture and history to explore, this land is sure to mesmerize, excite and amaze you.


Innovation is visible in almost every aspect of Chinese life, with skyscrapers appearing across the country, with exciting cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong only glimpses of the abilities and ambitions of modern China.


The landscapes are truly enthralling, from the Great Wall snaking through misty mountains peaks and the cobalt-blue lakes, plush vegetation and gushing waterfalls of the Jiuzhaigou valley to quaint villages, bamboo forests, green paddy fields and powerful river gorges. China’s remarkable great outdoors are astonishingly diverse.

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