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Located between Asia and Australia, the Indonesian Archipelago consists of 17 000 islands boasting crystal blue waters and bright-sandy beaches. Home to an extremely diverse mix of people with rich cultures and lifestyles as well as more than 500 languages and dialects, makes it one the main reasons to visit this splendid destination.


Due to the islands’ volcanic qualities, green covered mountains, rice terraces and rainforests are noticeable throughout. The dazzling beaches and striking blue seas all guarantee limitless opportunity for adventure or if you prefer, relaxation.


The mystical islands each maintain their own glamour – Bali’s nightlife and beautiful coastline; the stretched out city of Jakarta with the richness of its cuisine and architecture; Sumatra’s elephants, tigers and orang-utans, as well as the historical sites of Yogyakarta.


Indonesia’s islands, with non-stop fascination and exhilaration, retain some of the last great experiences that should not be missed.

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