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Japan is a fascinating country set on a narrow archipelago of 6800 volcanic islands, east of China. It is a country like no other with contrasts of ancient customs and craftsmanship versus cutting edge futuristic lifestyles.


The meticulous and cautious nature of the Japanese people is demonstrated in every part of their lives, from trains running perfectly on time to the magnificent craftsmanship displayed in masterpieces.


Japan’s cities are energetic and the perfect place to catch the hottest trends, latest gadgets before any other country. However, places like Kyoto, Osaka and Kanazawa still provide a chance to view traditional performing arts and visit temples or shrines, attend local street festivals and enjoying a visit to one of the famous tea houses. From the grandeur of a geisha dance, a visit to the sacred Mount Fuji to a day out exploring Hiroshima and the “floating” Torri Gate at Miyajima; this is the true essence of Japan.


It might not be one of the most affordable destinations to visit, yet with its overwhelmingly stunning scenery, refined people and its solid realisation of history and tradition, it is a country one should not resist.

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