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It is easy to understand why Taiwan has been renowned as Ilha Formosa (Beautiful Isle) for centuries, with breath-taking natural attractions from towering sea cliffs, majestic mountain peaks, tropical forests, and numerous hot-spring resorts to deep gorges, picture-perfect rolling hills and a wonderful assortment of offshore islands.


Many unique experiences await! View sensational sunsets above the clouds after hiking up the remarkable Yushan Mountain, or take a trip along the popular Alishan Mountain Railway to view an extraordinary sunrise.


At the foot of the mountains, massive urban developments such as the vibrant, ultra-modern yet heritage-rich capital of Taipei teems with people. Culture has developed from a diverse mix of Chinese, Western, Japanese and indigenous influences, and visitors will be captivated by the abundant traditional folk festivals, tours of historic temples and museums, and visits to bustling street markets serving sensational food to delight the senses.

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