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A country of spectacular grandeur and extraordinary history, Vietnam is like an addiction once you have tasted it. So many changes have taken place over the last forty years since the brutal American War. A country now easily accessible, offering the traveller glimmering paddy fields, snow-white beaches, fast pace cities and celebrated pagodas, Vietnam has risen like a phoenix from the ashes.


Most visitors spend their time in Hanoi and Ho Chi Mihn City and other bigger cities. Despite what the cities offer, it’s the true exquisiteness of the landscape that leaves a true impression. Splendid deltas of the Red River and Mekong fans out to the north and south of the country, and it is here that you will encounter rice paddy fields, water buffalo, dragonflies, cone-shaped hatted farmers – painting a picture of daily Vietnamese life.


The limestone rock formations of the island of Halong Bay are in stark contrast to the flat areas of the deltas. Visit the central and northern regions to truly experience age old customs, longhouses and the minorities with their tribal costumes.


It is that Good! Vietnamese cuisine with its incredibly precise flavours, captivates most travellers – the amount of cooking schools in Hoi An is proof of this.


Vietnam is the perfect balance between forgotten time and the present, a country that treasures its past and looks ahead to the future, its people who invite visitors with open arms and warm smiles!

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