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A contrast of spectacular natural landscapes and imperial grandeur, Austria doesn’t just represent great European traditions – it can be considered the essence of Europe itself and the quintessential Europe experience.


Skiing in the Alps is one of the most popular activities on a winter holiday in Austria and the quaint villages and resorts found in the valleys provide endless entertainment for holiday makers. Idyllic summers can be spent cruising on the Danube, or swimming in the picturesque lakes.


Perhaps best known for its baroque abbeys, historic grand palaces such as Schloss Belvedere and Gothic masterpieces such as Stephansdom, Austrian architecture is certainly on a par with the famous landmarks of other European countries.


As one of the cultural hubs of the continent, Austria’s renowned history is manifested not only its grand buildings, but also in its cutting-edge cultural events and festivals which play a major role in the European social calendar.

Austria travel guides: