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Finland, a land full of contrasts, has a tremendous variety of sights and experiences to delight and captivate visitors. From vast horizons of snow-hushed forests and scenic lakes to sophisticated urban cities.


Home to a myriad of islands where the blue skies truly meet the sea, visitors may feel as though they have touched the very edge of the earth.


The energetic, super-modern capital city of Helsinki with a mix of modern and stately architecture, teems with galleries, museums and quirky bars.


In Winter when lakes freeze over and snow covers the pines, be enchanted as the marvellous aurora borealis fills the skies. Explore the vast forested regions (which covers 69 percent of the country), speckled by picturesque lakes, breathe in the revitalising crisp clean air, and enjoy what is considered perhaps the best hiking, kayaking and canoeing Europe has to offer.

Finland travel guides: