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As one of the world’s most celebrated tourism destinations, Italy has something for everyone visiting. From dynamic cuisines, different dialects, diverse landscapes to the different standards of living – one thing stands out – Italians embrace life to the fullest and this can be seen throughout.


Italy’s huge cultural heritage can be noticed in monuments throughout the country, especially in places like the Rome itself or the leaning Tower of Pisa. Why not visit Tuscany’s astounding art galleries or wander through famously stylish fashion capital, Milan? Opt for a gondola ride through the Venetian canals, relax on the amazing Amalfi Coastline or discover Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet’s Verona.


The culinary passion might be natural and rustic but it is equally creative and refined. Dine at one of the world’s most sophisticated restaurants and experience everything from delicate pasta dishes to velvety desserts.


Should you ask an Italian where they would like to live, the answer will most likely be “right here” – most people admire Italy – and with good reason, because to be honest, Italy does have it all!

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