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Steeped in tradition and history, Poland is a land of significant natural beauty. A country with its crystal-clear lakes, dazzling beaches and rolling mountains provides a contrast to the austere cultural cities.


Krakow is an exhilarating, multi-cultured city boasting a well-protected medieval centre. Gdansk, the historic port-city welcomes visitors to enjoy several popular restaurants and cafes. Poland’s countryside is a true nature-lover’s paradise and offer awe-inspiring scenery and walking trails, especially the tall forests and rural houses of Bieszczady Mountains – a real scene from Grimm’s fairy tales. Surprisingly, Poland even offers great, affordable beach holidays with delightful seaside towns like Sopot.


Poland’s undeniable charm captivates more and more travellers each year, a destination that has so much to offer with its rich heritage, interesting historic architecture and delightful heart-warming cuisine.

Poland travel guides: