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Charmed by the scenery and a sense of ancient traditions, Portugal is full of wonders you will never get tired of exploring.


Visits to hidden beaches set along the stunning coastline, trekking the mountains of Serra da Estrela or just strolling through quaint little towns of the Minho is sure to satisfy any traveller’s desire for a hunger for a glorious holiday.


Be surrounded by the aromas of freshly baked breads, fruity olives, flavourful cheeses and seafood dishes – simple yet a delicious art of cooking! A must – sample a pastel de nota (custard tart).


While Lisbon, superbly situated on the Tejo river, is known for its nightlife, the country’s second city, Porto (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) is best to enjoy some of the world’s best port.


Whether you visit Portugal for its breath-taking scenery, its simple yet appetising dishes, its year-round sunshine or partaking in one of its festivals, it is these same temptations that will have you return.

Portugal travel guides: