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Welcoming nearly 53 million tourists annually and home to world renowned paella, sangria, bullfighting matadors, fiesta and siesta, Spain is a truly diverse country and amongst the most popular tourist destinations on the planet. With awe-inspiring landscapes from snow-capped mountains, central plains and vast plateaus to beautiful cliffs and an endless variety of sunny sandy beaches and resorts on the Mediterranean coastline.


The cosmopolitan cities are just as varied as the landscapes. The bustling Barcelona, a leading European tourist and cultural centre, is jam-packed of brilliant avant-garde architecture. Madrid, with its modern infrastructure and artistic heritage, is deeply rooted in an exciting historical legacy.


Boasting an impressive coastline of over 8000km, from the Spanish mainland to the magnificent Canary Islands, Costa del Sol and world famous Ibiza, visitors looking to sunbathe and relax will be enchanted by the warm sandy beaches and cobalt blue waters.


Spain not only possesses an idyllic climate, welcoming locals, a notoriously energetic nightlife and outstanding shopping opportunities, but also culinary experiences that will ignite the senses. Visitors are guaranteed a holiday that they will treasure for the rest of their lives.

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